Generic University was founded with one aim in mind: to provide the easiest, fastest and cheapest way possible for anyone anywhere to obtain a prestigious university degree.

There once was a time when a university degree meant a lot. It showed that you had the determination, intelligence and social standing society required for you to succeed in the working world.

Happily, that time is no more. Few employers could care less what you learned in college and fewer will go through the trouble to verify whether you really did or not. Kids who didn't bother learning anything about history or literature have gone on to become billionaires, simply because there's not much money in literature or history. Bill Gates, for example, never finished college. So there you go. Q.E.D. - which means "There you go" in Latin, and which is all that most people remember from their Latin classes if they were unlucky enough to have to take one.

Still, there's something nice about having a college degree. Even nicer: a masters degree or a Ph.D. It says that you're intelligent (who doesn't think they're intelligent?) and furthermore, gives you something to cover those bare spots on your wall.

Still not enough? You can buy a T-shirt, sweatshirt, mug, calendar, etc to show off your beloved alma mater. Come be a "Blue Stripe" (our mascot), cheer your team on to victory and never again feel inferior to those eggheaded dummies who spent thousands of dollars on a piece of paper when you got yours for free!

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Our mascot: Blue Stripe! He's irreverent and cuddly, but don't go near him when he's been drinking.