Our campus

Our campus is situated on a sixth of an acre of prime farmland in Northern Thailand. Students find the bucolic atmosphere conducive to studying, meditation and "just laying about."

Though we don't offer classes on campus as such, we invite anyone to drop in for "office hours," but only if they ring first.

Our extensive library features works by such acclaimed writers as Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins and the guy who wrote The Da Vinci Code.

At the moment we're hard at work building a new, much larger and more prestigious campus in the US (see below). Our plans indicate that it will rival all major acclaimed universities in size, scope and resources. Unfortunately, a severe lack of funds has proven to be an unforseen impediment.

Nevertheless, our eyes are looking toward the future and our hands are holding our eyelids open. We expect to soon be the fastest-growing university in the world and though we still have no model for acquiring any actual money, we firmly believe that hoping, wishing and daydreaming will make it so.

Our present location. At night you can hear crickets chirping.

Proposed new university building on prime real estate in the US. No more pesky crickets!